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Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs

Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs
Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs
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Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs
Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs

Premium Ready Made Combi Rigs - DF Style

This rig is similar to the combi rig that Danny Fairbrass show-cased in Korda Masterclass 8 series. Danny caught 64 Carp in one session using a similar rig and 2 bits of fake Maize. This rig is made with a  short 3/4 to a inch long Korda Loop braid section, a material Danny favours because its slightly stiff and will keep the rig all nicely inline, he explains if you use a more softer braid like Super Natural the hook may fall back on to the boom material. The supple section is then connected to a stiff boom section using the loop to loop method. By using the loop and boom method it enables the hook section to be changed quickly and easily should you wish to change hooks. 

Korda Loop Braid is 20lb Breaking strain and is especially designed for these types of rigs, highly abrasion resistant and a unique camo colour.

If you select the bait screw, Rig ring or Micro Flexi Swivel the rigs will be slightly different compared to the photos (the bait attachment is on the shank of the hook with a hook bead). The hair option will have an adjustable hair to allow you to use different sized baits and get the optimum presentation.

This rig can be used with all bait types, bottom baits, wafters, artificial baits and even pop ups!

Unique features of these Rigs:

  • Made using the loop to loop method
  • Anti tangle
  • Anti eject
  • Self resetting
  • Choice of Bait attachments
  • Wide range of PREMIUM Hooks available (Kamakura, Nash, Fox etc)

Tips for optimal usage:

If you are using a buoyant or critically balanced bait, test the rig prior to fishing to ensure the bait dont lift the rig up, if it does simply add some rig putty or trim the bait down until you obtain the perfect presentation. 
Using a small PVA mesh bag hooked on will provide you with a small parcel of bait around your hook.

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Premium Ready Made DF Style Combi Rigs
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