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Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs

Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs
Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs
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Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs
Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs

Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs

The result of combining the two key elements; mounting hookbaits on a ‘D’ and creating the aggressive hooking action with the Hook Aligner kicker, means rigs using these components will react faster and hook more carp. The D rig Aligners can be used with almost any hook and hooklink combination as well, I have found Curve shanked hooks combined with either Korda Dark Matter or Korda N Trap works best.
So what’s so good about mounting hookbaits on a ‘D’ in this way? 
Mounting the hookbait a couple of mm off the back of the hook shank on a free moving hinge ensures that when the hookbait is inhaled or mouthed by a browsing fish, then the weight of the hook forces the hook point to drop. In combination with the angle created by the Hook Aligner the two factors work together so the hook turns aggressively taking a firm hold on the fishes bottom lip or in the scissors.
D rig  Aligners can be used to mount most hookbaits, including balanced hookbaits and bottom baits – they’re not just for pop-ups!

Unique features of this rig:
  • Perfect presentation of baits
  • Anti tangle
  • Anti eject
  • Choice of PREMIUM hooks (Korda Kamakura, Nash Pinpoint, Cygnet etc.)
  • Choice of braids

Tips for optimal usage:
If you are using a pop up you can slide back the coating on the coated braid to expose the inner supple core, this will then create a hinge to allow you to adjust the height your bait is popped up. It may be required that you need to add some rig putty where the coating ends to get the best presentation.

If you are using a balanced or wafter baits, you should test your rig prior to fishing to ensure the hook is laying flat. If the bait is lifting the hook up then simply trim your bait down until you get the desired effect.

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Premium D Rig Aligner Rigs
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