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Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs

Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs
Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs
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Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs
Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs

Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs

Constructed using a Supple braid, These rigs follow the bottom due to the supple  nature of the  braid, The subtle camouflaged finish of the braid also helps it to blend in to most lake beds. The Slip D presentation provides some natural bait movement and allows some separation between the bait and the hook, combined with the in-turned eye of the hook this gives optimum opportunity for the hook to flip and nails the fish in the bottom lip most of the time. The shrink tube kicker also enhances the anti eject properties of the rig. These rigs are also perfect for method feeders as well should you fish that method.

The rig itself is very versatile and comes in a range of options, if you are fishing bottom baits then a bait screw is best suited to that style, If you are fishing a balanced or pop up bait then a micro swivel is the best option. This will give you something to tie your bait floss too ( a top tip is to use a small pop up and some live maggots to make a Medusa style rig, awesome when you have maggots in your pva bag or method mix). You may find a small bit of rig putty may be required to balance the rig.

Unique features of these Rigs:

  • Made using Korda Super Natural
  • Anti tangle
  • Anti eject
  • Self resetting
  • Choice of Bait attachments
  • Wide range of PREMIUM Hooks available (Kamakura, Nash, Fox etc)
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Premium PVA Solid Bag Slip D Rigs
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