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Bottom Bait Rigs

Ready Tied carp rigs for bottom baits

This selection of rigs are suited to bottom baits over most substrates such as firm clay, clear or gravel lake beds. These rigs work very well with a range of baits from boilies to pellets to sinking artifical baits and some like the blowback rig, hair rig can be used with a critically balanced or wafter bait.
Often made with a coated braid like Korda N Trap or OMC Blend or Fluorocarbon, the rigs are resistant to tangles and can be used in a bait boat.
Bottom bait rigs can be used effectively all year around.

Unique features of Bottom bait rigs

  • Anti tangle
  • Can be used with Boilies, pellets or even sinking artificial baits
  • Self resetting in the event of an aborted take
  • Can be used with confidence at any range
  • Can be used over a range of lake beds
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: PVA Bag German Rigs
Ready Tied solid pva bag rigsFishing with a PVA solid bag is one of the most popular methods of fishing, the Solid bag will allow you to fish over most lake beds.  By using such a short rig you can guarantee your hook bait is presented over a small amount of highly attractive free offerings..
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: PVA Bag Slip D Rigs
Ready Tied Solid pva  bag slip rigsConstructed using a Supple braid, These rigs follow the bottom due to the supple  nature of the braid, The subtle camouflaged finish of the braid also helps it to blend in to most lake beds. The Slip D presentation provides some natural bait movement and ..
£8.04 £8.46
Ex Tax:£6.70
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made IQ2 Fluorocarbon German Rigs
Ready Tied fluorocarbon german rigsA classic German rig using a soft Fluorocarbon. By using fluorocarbon this  will turn nearly invisible in the water. The stiffness will enable the bait to kick away from your lead and reset itself should you get an aborted take. Because of the Fluorocarbon sti..
£8.17 £8.60
Ex Tax:£6.81
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Hair Rigs
Ready made hair rigsThe hair rig is one of the first inventions for Carp Rigs and has caught countless Carp all over the world. All these years on the Hair rig and blowback rigs are still "staple" rigs in a lot of anglers rig boxes due to how versatile the rigs are, they can be used with all manner ..
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Blow Back Spinner Rig Blow Back Spinner Rig
New -5 %
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: blowback-spinner
Ready made blowback spinner rigsThe latest adaption of the proven Spinner Rig, Designed for bottom baits!The Blow back Spinner rig is designed to use with a bottom bait over a firm lake bed, this rig gives you incredible hook holds and if the spinner was not hard enough for a Carp to eject this adap..
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Maggot Clip Ronnie Rigs Maggot Clip Ronnie Rigs
New -5 %
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Maggot Ronnie - Spinner Rig
Ready made maggot clip ronnie rigsThe Ronnie Rig or Spinner rig was the best kept secret in big carp fishing for many years. It is a rig that can be used almost anywhere and with most baits and on most waters! The stiff boom makes this rig ideal to fish at any range and is anti tangle, the hook sits..
£8.93 £9.40
Ex Tax:£7.44
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: PVA Bag Turbo German Rig
Solid PVA Bag Turbo German RigsAfter the enormous success of the Ronnie Rig, and the improvement in rig mechanics  it wasn’t much of a leap forward to apply the same tweak onto the already successful German rig to give the hook free, uninhibited rotational movement to ensure the hook is able to..
£8.93 £9.40
Ex Tax:£7.44
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made IQ2 Fluorocarbon D Rigs
Ready made fluorocarbon d rigsOne of the most popular ready tied carp rigsThe IQ D-rig is a fabulous rig to use for wary carp, thanks to its inherent stiffness and the superb anti-eject properties that the bait attachment sliding on the large D arrangement gives. Tied using 100% Fluorocarbon (either..
£9.04 £9.52
Ex Tax:£7.53
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Blowback Rigs
Ready made blowback rigsDesigned to outwit riggy carp, the blowback rig is one of Danny Fairbrass' favourite presentations. Not only will this rig hook the cleverest of carp, it can also be used with both bottom baits and pop-ups. The main advantage is the fact that the hair rarely tangles and if th..
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Ex Tax:£7.62
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Claw Rigs
Ready made claw - flipper- parrot rigsThe bottom bait rig is known by a few names, the Terry Hearn Parrot rig, The Flipper,  the claw rig as a couple of examples.The hair is trapped on the curve of the hook rather than the shank (like a Blowback rig) this improves the mechanics of the rig becau..
£9.14 £9.62
Ex Tax:£7.62
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Slip D Rigs
Ready Tied Slip d rigsMade using a choice of braid , this rig has accounted for many big fish all year around. The slip D presentation allows the vital separation between the hook and bait and utilises the suck and blow feeding habits of Carp, as the suck the bait and hook enter the mouth, when they..
£9.14 £9.62
Ex Tax:£7.62
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Noodle Rigs
Ready Tied noodle rigsWith this rig, Its all about the Kicker that makes it different. Scott Lloyd uses it in conjunction with a balanced bait; a Wafter is ideal however a snowman presentation is also very effective. You want the bait nice and light, so that it can react in the same way as the freeb..
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