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About Us

Welcome to Ricks Rigz - A leading supplier of ready made Carp and Catfish rigs:

Having been an avid Carp and Catfish angler for well over 30 years I decided to make rigs for those who might lack confidence or the ability to make their own rigs. I very quickly became the leading Ready Made Carp Rig supplier on Ebay. By using all the experience I have gained during my time fishing and by only using the highest quality components available, and premium braids from companies such as Korda, Nash, ESP, OMC, Fox etc You can be assured you are receiving rigs which will not let you down when you need it most. Pre made rigs are not just for new comers to the sport as some would make you believe, even some of  the most experienced anglers will purchase ready tied rigs be it for convenience, a physically disability that prevents them from tying their own, or simply because they don't have the confidence.

Range of Rigs:

The range of rigs we offer covers a wide range of fishing situations and bait types, however, we know that sometimes people have very unique requirements which we are more than happy to cater for. 

In addition to the wide range of Ready Made Carp rigs we provide we also supply a range of Catfish rigs using Barbless hooks and either Catmaster RT braid or Target Catfish braid (depending on availability)

Our range of rigs is very vast and includes:

Combi Rigs,

Ronnie - Spinner rigs,

Solid PVA bag rigs,

Hair Rigs,

Blowback Rigs,

Hinge Rigs,

Along with some specialist rigs such as: 

The Darrell Peck Multi- Combi Rig

Adam Penning reverse combi pop up rig

Adam Penning reverse combi Bottom bait rig

Wafter rigs

Plus many others!

We appreciate that there may be cheaper alternative rig suppliers out there however, when it comes to carp fishing you really do get what you pay for. Components that have been tested, reliable, and robust cost more than the run of the mill components which usually have quite a high failure rate, or cheap braid which is normally well below the stated breaking strain, that's why we only use braids from reputable brands. We want you to maximise every chance of landing that new personal best rig (as many of my customers have done)

If there is something you would like that is not listed or you require some custom made rigs, please contact me via the contact us form and I will get straight back to you. I will do my best to help you.

Materials used:

I have taken many years to source the very best components from around the world, be it anti tangle sleeves, specialised Ronnie Rig swivels, swivels or the hooks I use which are teflon coated (PTFE), strong, sharp and reliable. In addition to this I also use premium materials from all the major brands such as Korda, Cygnet (Trakker), ESP, Nash, Avid, Ridgemonkey, OMC, JRC, Fox etc. You can be assured every component of your rig has been vigorously tested for strength, reliability and durability.


I try to be as competitive on prices as possible however when it comes to Carp rigs you often get what you pay for. Sure there is cheaper rigs available but are they using the very best components? Are you just buying cheap components that have a higher chance of failure? Are they paying attention to the quality of their workmanship? Is there any attention to detail? 

Customer Captures:

I get sent loads of photos from new and old customers who have landed a PB, a target fish or even just had a good session. I try to show as many as I can but it is impossible to show them all. You can stay up to date with captures by either clicking on the gallery page, follow my social media:

Instagram Click here to access instagram

Facebook : Click here to access Facebook

Quality Control:

As part of our quality control, in addition to the manual checks made before your carp rigs are packaged, we also check each batch of components to ensure they meet our standards. As part of these checks samples of crimps are tested on a tensile strength testing machine to ensure they don't slip or break under a set pulling pressure. We also check samples of swivels, hooks, etc under a digital microscope to ensure they are free from any manufacturing defects. We don't know of any other rig maker who also makes these checks as well as hand checking every single rig!

I am very meticulous person and I will not send a single rig I would not use personally myself. 

Tax information:

Ricks rigz is a VAT registered company, VAT is included on all our products. If you require a VAT receipt please contact us. Our VAT Registration number is GB 430 4512 39


I receive feedback all the time on how good the rigs are, Over 5000 feedback on Ebay (100% Positive), 5 Star rating on Trustpilot etc. I am confident that once you have brought some of my ready made Carp or Catfish rigs, you will become a permanent customer.

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