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Spinner Rigs

Spinner Rigs

A variation to the very popular Ronnie rig. This rig is the rig that the likes of Tom Dove, Neil Spooner (Both Korda Anglers) use almost exclusively these days due to how versatile the rig is and how much confidence you can have in it! The rig is very similar to the Ronnie rig however there is one very subtle change that alters the rig mechanics and that is the large ring on the dedicated Ronnie Rig swivel is removed, this gives you slightly less movement however a fractionally quicker reaction time whilst streamlining the rig. They both favour the crank hook with this rig, the off set point and aggressive curve means that hook point is always ready to grip inside the mouth.

Like our Ronnie rigs, the spinner rig is available in a wide range of options including boom colour and shrink tube colour so you can create your own ready made Spinner rigs to your own configuration. 

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