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Classic Blowback Rigs

Blowback Rigs

These are one of the first adaptions to the Hair rig, by adding the sliding rig ring to the shank of the hook totally changes the way the rig works. When carp feed they suck the food in and then blow most of it back out. This is where the ring comes in to play, as your bait is blown back out of the mouth the ring slides up the shank of the hook allowing the bait to be ejected however the hook remains in place and pointing down - The perfect postion to grip just inside the lip.

Blow Back Spinner Rig Blow Back Spinner Rig
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: blowback-spinner
Ready Made Blow Back Spinner RigsThe Blow back Spinner RigThe latest adaption of the proven Spinner Rig, Designed for bottom baits!</p>The Blow back Spinner rig is designed to use with a bottom bait over a firm lake bed, this rig gives you incredible hook holds and if the spinner was not hard ..
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Blowback Rigs
 Ready Made Blowback RigsDesigned to outwit riggy carp, the blowback rig is one of Danny Fairbrass' favourite presentations. Not only will this rig hook the cleverest of carp, it can also be used with both bottom baits and pop-ups. The main advantage is the fact that the hair rarely tangles and..
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Ready Made Noodle Rigs Ready Made Noodle Rigs
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Noodle Rigs
Ready Made Noodle RigsWith this rig, Its all about the Kicker that makes it different. Scott Lloyd uses it in conjunction with a balanced bait; a Wafter is ideal however a snowman presentation is also very effective. You want the bait nice and light, so that it can react in the same way as the freeb..
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