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Ready Tied Combi rigs

The Combi rig is made using a stiff boom section (available in Black, Camo Fleck and Clear ) and a supple hook section, this combination of materials provides you with a very versatile rig that can be used over most lake beds.
By using the combination of stiff boom and a supple hook section makes this rig anti tangle as the boom will "kick" the bait away from the lead, the supple section creates a hinge which makes it very hard for a fish to eject. The hook section is made using Korda Loop Braid - A specialist braid designed for combi rigs, its supple enough to show the slightest of bites yet stiff enough to prevent tangles and comes in a dark camo colour to help conceal the rig even more or Korda Armakord which is slightly stiffer and stronger at 30lb breaking strain.

This rig can be fished confidently at any range.

The reverse combi rig such as the Adam Penning style has a coated braid boom section and a Fluorocarbon hook section and is more suited to wafters and pop ups.

This is a very effective rig and deserves a place in everyone's rig box.

Unique features of the Combi rig:

  • Anti tangle
  • Self resetting - you can be confident your rig is presenting correctly in the event of an aborted take
  • anti eject
  • can be used over most lake beds
  • very versatile with what baits that can be used
  • Can be used at any distance (Including in a bait boat)
  • Can be used with small PVA mesh bags if required

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Combi Rigs

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Advanced combi Rigs

Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Combi Rigs- DF Style
Ready Tied Combi rigs - DF StyleIntroducing the Combi Rig, a versatile and innovative fishing rig designed to enhance your angling experience. This rig is expertly crafted using high-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability in any fishing environment. The Combi Rig features a unique co..
£10.07 £10.60
Ex Tax:£8.39
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Bottom Bait Combi Rig Adam Penning Style
Ready made bottom bait rigs - adam penning styleThis rig is designed to be use with bottom baits only, Made using a coated braid this rig utilises the stiff hook section (like his version of the pop up rig) with the bait mounted on a D rig arrangement, this allows the bait to be ejected but leaves t..
£10.07 £10.60
Ex Tax:£8.39
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Multi Combi Rig Darrell Peck Style
Ready made combi rigs (Slip D) Darrell peck style multi rigDarrell Peck has had a truly phenomenal year, racking up a staggering 21 UK carp over 40lb! This combi rig set-up has played a huge roll in his success, and the hook to land ratio is exceptional. The loop of supple braid enables the hook to ..
£10.07 £10.60
Ex Tax:£8.39
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Pop Up Combi Rig Adam Penning Style
Ready Tied pop up reverse combi rigs - adam penning styleAdam Penning's version of the multi rig, to be used with Pop up boilies or Wafters. This rig is made with a coated braid for the boom section, and a fluorocarbon section on to your hook in a slip D Mutli Rig style arrangement. By doing th..
£10.07 £10.60
Ex Tax:£8.39
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: PVA Bag Combi Rig
Ready Tied solid pva bag combi  rigs - DF stlyeThis rig is similar to the combi rig that Danny Fairbrass show-cased in Korda Masterclass 8 series. Danny caught 64 Carp in one session using a similar rig and 2 bits of fake Maize. This rig is made with a  short 3/4 to a inch long Korda ..
£10.07 £10.60
Ex Tax:£8.39
The Lock Multi - Combi Rig The Lock Multi - Combi Rig
New Premium -5 %
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Lock multi-combi rig
Ready Tied Multi - Combi rigs with omc lock hook and alignersThe multi combi rig is a very good rig for all bait types. The hook is mounted on to a loop of supple braid (Korda Arma Kord) This gives you enough stiffness to prevent tangles yet will remain supple enough to present any bait perfectly. T..
£12.77 £13.44
Ex Tax:£10.64
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