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Premium Chod - Stiff Hinge Rigs

Ready Made Premium Chod and Hinge Rigs

Hand tied Chod and Stiff hinge rigs, perfect for when you are fishing with pop ups over debris on the bottom or when silt can be a problem.

Our ready tied Chod and Stiff hinge rigs are perfect for those who dont want the hassle of making their own rigs. These are the most convenient way of getting your rigs all ready before your fishing session. Being hand made by a angler every single rig is hand checked for strength, durability, sharpness and neatness. 

You can be confident your rig is working effectively - The stiff Chod Filament prevents tangles and the rig will self-reset if you suffer an aborted take. 

By using a stiff chod filament which is high memory it means you can curve the rig slightly to get a even better hook hold and the hook will naturally be pointing down to the bottom lip. The hooking potential is outstanding!
Because every rig is hand made they are made to your requirements where you can choose the hook type, size etc. Along with length of rig, bait attachments... We really are your one stop shop for the best Chod or stiff hinge rigs available.

Our Chod and Stiff hinge rigs are crimped - this allows a more exact length to be obtained and provides a neater and stronger connection than a knot (which can weaken the chod filament)

Ready Made Premium Chod Rigs Ready Made Premium Chod Rigs
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Chod Rigs
Premium Ready Made Chod RigsThe chod rig is often the go to rig when fishing over leaves, weed and debris, the short stiff rig is designed to be used with a pop up so the bait sits just above the debris or Chod as its known.Made using Chod hooks, the out turned eye gives the maximum movement for the..
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Ready Made Premium Stiff Hinge Rigs Ready Made Premium Stiff Hinge Rigs
New -4 %
Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Premium Stiff Hinge Rigs
Premium Ready Made Stiff Hinge RigsThe ready Made Stiff Hinge Rig is a variation of the Chod Rig, instead of having a Chod rig on a leader or a naked chod set up, this rig incorporates a ultra stiff boom (Korda Boom, Gardner Trick Link etc) This ensures the rig is pushed away from the lead and allow..
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Ex Tax:£8.53
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