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25 Premium Solid PVA Bag Rigs and Rig Box Combo

25 Premium Solid PVA Bag Rigs and Rig Box Combo
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25 Ready tied solid pva bag rigs and rig box combo

Short rigs designed to be used with PVA solid bags or PVA Mesh, the short hook length means that the rigs cant tangle and only a minimal movement is required from the fish for the hook length to become tight against the lead which in turn will cause the hook to grip in the bottom lip ( The bolt effect).

The Ronnie rig is the perfect rig when you are fishing with a pop up or a Wafter bait. 
The Turbo German rig is designed to be used with a Wafter or a bottom bait.
The German rig is ideally suited to Bottom baits, Wafters, critically balanced baits and artificial baits.

These rigs are made with a supple braid with a few unique features to each braid.

Korda Dark Matter and Fox Reflex Camo are both sinking braids which means your rig will be pinned to the bottom out of the way of any fish passing by.
Korda Super Natural is neutral buoyancy so will sit on top of any "Chod", leaves, debris etc on the bottom. 
The Camo braid is semi stiff and a unique dark Camo colour

In this collection you will receive the following:

8 x PREMIUM PVA Bag Ronnie Rigs

8 x PREMIUM PVA Bag Turbo Germans

9 x PREMIUM PVA German Rigs, 

This gives you the perfect collection for fishing with all manner of baits from artificial pop up corn to a Wafter or a pop up.

Unique features of these rigs:

  • Anti eject
  • versatile for all bait types
  • Excellent reset properties
  • Fully customisable

Tips for using these rigs:

If you are using a buoyant bait such as a pop up or wafter, you should test the rig prior to casting out to ensure you get the exact presentation, it may be required you need to add some putty to the braid to counter balance the bait, or you can trim the pop up down to achieve the same effect.

If you would like to customise these rigs in any way such as different colour shrink tube on the ronnie rigs and turbo german rigs, or change any hook sizes for example please use the customisation box to let us know

Size 2 hooks are available for this Carp Rig, Please add a note in the customisation box asking for size 2 hooks.

Please note, size 2 hooks are available in the following patterns ONLY

Korda Klor (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Krank (micro barb only)
Korda Krank X (micro barb only)
Korda Kurv Shank (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Kurv Shank X (micro barb only)
Korda Kurv Shank XX (micro barb only)
Korda Spinner (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Wide Gape (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Wide Gape X (micro barb only)
Nash Fang X (Curve shank, micro barb only)
Nash Twister (Wide Gape, micro barb only)
OMC Colne V (Curve Shank, micro barb only)
OMC Surrender Conti (Wide Gape, micro barb only)

25 Premium Solid PVA Bag Rigs and Rig Box Combo
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