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25 Premium Stiff Ronnie Rigs and Turbo German Rig Box Combo

25 Premium Stiff Ronnie Rigs and Turbo German Rig Box Combo
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25 premium Ready made tied ronnie rigs and turbo german rigs with rig box combo

The perfect way to receive a loaded rig box delivered right to your door! The rigs inside are perfect for the season on UK day tickets / Syndicates or those French Carp trips.

This offer gives you the ideal all year around rig selection for wafter and pop up baits. 

The Ronnie rig is perfect for pop ups as it allows uninhibited full 360 degree rotation of the hook meaning that no matter what way the fish approaches the hook is in the prime position to take hold.

The Turbo German rig is perfect for Wafter baits or critically balanced baits, designed to lay flat on the bottom with the hook bait wafting just above the hook, this rig reacts instantly to any take and gives exceptional hook hold.

These rigs come with a choice of stiff boom material, Clear, Black or Camo, all crimped to give you the strongest rigs possible. The crimps provide a neat and strong finish to the rigs without any weak spots which can be created with knots.

The boom material can be pulled straight using some rig pullers if required.

In this selection you will receive the following:

13 x  PREMIUM Ready Made Ronnie Rigs

12 x  PREMIUM  Ready Made Turbo German Rigs

Unique features of these rigs:

  • Anti eject
  • Excellent reset properties
  • Choice of PREMIUM hooks (Nash, Kamakura etc)
  • Fully customisable
  • Suitable for lead clip systems or Helicopter rigs (select the right termination)

Tips for these rigs:

You should test the rig prior to fishing to ensure you get the correct presentation. It may be required that some rig putty is added to the boom to counter balance the buoyancy of the bait.  Add your rig putty around the crimp nearest to the hook, this will give you the optimum mechanics for the rig.

If you would like to customise this rigs by changing shrink tube colour, hook sizes etc please use the customisation box.

Size 2 hooks are available for this Carp Rig, Please add a note in the customisation box asking for size 2 hooks.

Please note, size 2 hooks are available in the following patterns ONLY

Korda Klor (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Krank (micro barb only)
Korda Krank X (micro barb only)
Korda Kurv Shank (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Kurv Shank X (micro barb only)
Korda Kurv Shank XX (micro barb only)
Korda Spinner (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Wide Gape (barbless and micro barb)
Korda Wide Gape X (micro barb only)
Nash Fang X (Curve shank, micro barb only)
Nash Twister (Wide Gape, micro barb only)
OMC Colne V (Curve Shank, micro barb only)
OMC Surrender Conti (Wide Gape, micro barb only)

25 Premium Stiff Ronnie Rigs and Turbo German Rig Box Combo
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