What is a Ronnie Rig - Spinner Rig?

A Ronnie Rig or Spinner Rig as its sometimes known is a rig what is mainly used for Pop up baits, designed to be low lying so it will sit above shallow weed, debris (Chod). The ronnie rig can be used as a helicopter set up, a inline lead, on the lead clip or even with solid PVA bags. In its standard form, with a stiff boom section this rig provides you with a tangle free way of presenting your bait at any distance. The solid PVA Bag option should be made with a supple braid like Korda Dark Matter uncoated, this braid sinks like a brick and follows the contours of the bottom, because it gets put inside a Solid bag, this rig is also tangle free and leaves your pop up sitting just above your little parcel of free offerings.

What makes the Ronnie rig so effective?

The mechanics of the Ronnie rig are so effective for several reasons, the hook being on a specialised swivel means the hook can rotate a uninhibited 360 degrees, no matter what way that fish approaches your hook the hook will spin and be facing the hook. The various options of colours for the kickers has 2 benefits, the first being the shrink tube sets the hook at just the rig angle to grip the bottom lip. The different colours means you can get the right rig for your style of fishing. If you wish to go all stealthy I have options for Silty black, Weed Green or Muddy Brown colour to blend in to the bottom, May be you want to blend your hook in with your bait then the Sweetcorn Yellow, White (maggot) or even Bloodworm Red I have the option for you. Because carp are naturally very inquisitive, Korda recently proved in their underwater series how using a bright coloured kicker will often get a quick bite so maybe you prefer to use a colour that stands out against everything.

How to use the Ronnie Rig

Using a ronnie rig requires very little tweaking. Because all pop ups have different buoyancies, you should test your rig prior to fishing to ensure you rig is giving you the optimum presentation. To do this simply take your chosen hook bait, mount it to your chosen bait mount (choice of either, matt black rig ring, matt black micro flexi swivel or matt black bait screw) and then drop your rig in some water (I use a empty clear tub so you can see how the rig is sitting through the side of the tub). The presentation you are aiming for is your boom to lay flat on the bottom with just the hook section sitting upright, if you find that the pop up lifts the rig up, add some Tungsten rig putty around the crimp nearest to the hook. A top tip is add more than you think you will need, its much easier to take putty off than it is to put it on when its wet. Once you have the putty on your rig test it again and then slowly remove just enough putty so the rig falls slowly through the water but remains laying flat. If you don't want to use putty another method is to use a large pop up, and then trim it down with scissors until you get that perfect presentation.

Can a Ronnie Rig or Spinner Rig be used in a PVA Bag?

Absolutely, however the rig needs to be made slightly different, instead of the stiff anti tangle boom you should use a supple braid like Korda Dark Matter. by using a supple braid it means you can add a few pellets or crushed boilies in the bottom of your PVA bag, Add you Ronnie rig on top and then drop your weight in to the bag as well, fill up with a few more free offerings and then seal the bag as normal. The PVA bag spinner / Ronnie rig is very effective method deployed by anglers all year around. It gives you the ability to guarantee your bait is presented over your free offerings - Just enough to entice the Carp but not enough to over feed them and stop them wanting your hook bait! You Can buy PVA Bag Ronnie rigs by clicking here

Can a Ronnie rig be customised to your own requirements?

Of course, all my rigs can be customised. I already offer lots of different options however if there is something you want that I don't list, just drop me a message and I will get back to you.

The standard options I have available are:

  • Choice of length (use a shorter length for Solid Bag fishing)
  • Choice of Stiff Boom : Clear, Black or Camo Fleck
  • Choice of Supple braid for Solid Bags : Korda Super Natural, Korda Dark Matter, Korda Arma Kord, Fox Reflex Camo, A dark Camo braid (semi stiff)
  • Choice of Hook Patterns : Claw, Crank, Wide Gape, Long Shank and of course the classic Curve shank.
  • Choice of Bait Attachments: Matt black Rig ring, Matt Black Micro Flexi Swivel, Matt Black Metal Bait Screw
  • Choice of Kicker Colours : White (Maggot) Sweetcorn Yellow, Muddy Brown, Silty Black, Weed Green, Red/ Pink, Orange
  • Optional Anti Tangle Sleeves: Standard rigs only
  • Optional PVA Bag Stems

In addition of these standard options, I also have options for premium hooks:

  • Korda Kamakura
  • Nash Pinpoint
  • One More Cast (OMC)
  • ESP Trig Hammer
  • Gardner Covert Muggas
  • Cygnet (Trakker)
  • Fox