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Here I will tell you my top Ready made carp rigs, Why use them, when to use them and how to get the best out of them!

19 Jun Whats new at Ricks Rigz
Ricky 0 49
Whats new at Ricks RigzJust a quick post to let everyone know whats new at Ricks Rigz. We aim to provide the very best range of ready tied carp rigs available. To do this we only use the best components, industry leading brands of braid to ensure all..
25 May Master summer Carp fishing - reveal the best Carp rigs for Success
Ricky 0 210
Master summer Carp fishing and reveal the best carp rigs for success!Its that time of year again when the Carp are most active, the spawning is done, the water is warmer and the carp are moving around and feeding confidently. This is the time of year..
20 May Why use Fluorocarbon rig material and what is it?
Ricky 0 119
Key Features of Fluorocarbon Rigs ( Fluoro )Good abrasion resistanceHas the same light refraction as water - this means the rigs turn practically invisible in waterSinks wellSome degree of stiffness to enable to hook to flip and to avoid tanglesHas l..
04 Apr What Is the best ready made carp rig?
Ricky 0 157
What is the most successful ready tied carp rig?Now this is a very controversial topic, what determines the best carp rig, is it the amount of fish the rig catches, is it the most versatile? is it the one that landed you your personal best? So many f..
30 Oct Ready Made Rigs for Pop Ups
Ricky 0 96
Fishing with pop ups is a very effective method for catching Carp and some very big Carp at that!It is essential you use the right rig to get the best presentation and reaction to a bite. Some rigs are dedicated to using pop ups and wafters, some are..
16 Sep Carp Fishing through the seasons -  Autumn
0 351
Autumn Carp FishingAutumn can be very rewarding in terms of Carp fishing, the nights are drawing in, the temperature is dropping, the leaves are falling and the fish are starting to get their winter colours and they look stunning in photos! A lot of ..
03 Sep What hook to use when Carp fishing
Ricky 0 770
Different types of Carp hooksWith the development of technology and research not to mention anglers tweaking their own rigs there is an abundance of Carp hooks on the market these days, here I will try to explain the difference between the patterns, ..
03 Sep WInter Carp Fishing
Ricky 0 357
Winter Carp fishingWhilst most people fishing for Carp tend to only fish the warmer months and then target species like Pike in the winter. Some of the most rewarding fish come out during the winter. A slight change in rigs and tactics will often bri..
11 Aug The best Ready Made Carp Rigs for Autumn and Winter fishing
Ricky 0 598
Winter fishing for carp can be quite challenging due to the colder water temperatures and the carp's reduced activity levels. However, with the right approach and rig setups, you can increase your chances of success. Here are a few effective carp rig..
11 Aug Essential rigs for Carp fishing in France
0 628
Essential Rigs for Carp Fishing in FranceIntroduction:Carp fishing in France offers anglers a unique and thrilling experience. With its stunning lakes and rivers, France is renowned for its carp fishing opportunities. To make the most of your carp fi..
01 Apr Ready Made Ronnie Rigs
Ricky 0 738
What is a Ronnie Rig - Spinner Rig?A Ronnie Rig or Spinner Rig as its sometimes known is a rig what is mainly used for Pop up baits, designed to be low lying so it will sit above shallow weed, debris (Chod). The ronnie rig can be used as a helicopter..
01 Apr PVA Solid Bag Rigs
Ricky 0 647
What is a Solid PVA Bag RigA Solid PVA Bag rig is a short rig normally 2 to 4 inches in length. it is made short for 2 benefits, the short length means it can be placed inside the solid bag along with your free offerings and your weight, this gives y..
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