Essential Rigs for Carp Fishing in France


Carp fishing in France offers anglers a unique and thrilling experience. With its stunning lakes and rivers, France is renowned for its carp fishing opportunities. To make the most of your carp fishing adventure, it's crucial to have the right rigs in your arsenal. In this blog post, we will explore the essential rigs that every angler should consider when fishing for carp in France.

1. The Hair Rig:

The hair rig is a popular and effective rig used by carp anglers worldwide, including in France. This rig consists of a short section of monofilament or braided line tied to a hook, with the bait attached to the hair. The hair rig allows the carp to take the bait without feeling the weight of the hook, increasing your chances of a successful hook-up. It is ideal for fishing with boilies, pellets, or other large baits commonly used in France.

2. The Ronnie / Spinner Rig:

The Ronnie or Spinner rig is another popular choice among carp anglers targeting big fish in France. This rig is designed to present the bait effectively over weedy or silty lake beds. It features a short length of stiff monofilament or fluorocarbon line attached to a hook, allowing the bait to sit above any debris or weed. The Ronnie / Spinner rig is often used with pop-up baits, providing excellent visual attraction and increasing the chances of a bite.

3. The Combi Rig:

When carp are "riggy" this rig comes in to its, the mix of a stiff boom and a short supple hook section makes it very difficult for a Carp to eject. This rig can be used with all bait types and you can be confident that your rig is laying right on the bottom. In the event of a aborted take, the combi rig will self reset so its always ready to hook anything taking your bait.

4. The Multi-Rig:

The Multi-rig is a versatile and effective choice for carp fishing in France. This rig is adaptable to various fishing situations and can be used with a wide range of baits. It features a short length of supple braided line with a hook attached using a knotless knot. The Multi-rig allows the bait to move freely, providing a natural presentation that can entice wary carp. This rig is particularly effective when fishing over a scattering of boilies or other free offerings.


Having the right rigs is crucial for successful carp fishing in France. The hair rig, Chod rig, Zig rig, and Multi-rig are all essential tools in an angler's arsenal. Each rig has its strengths and can be adapted to specific fishing conditions and bait preferences. By understanding these rigs and when to use them, you can significantly increase your chances of landing that prized French carp. So, gather your gear, head to the stunning lakes of France, and let these rigs work their magic!