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Ready Made Combi Rigs ( Slip D )- Darrell Peck Style - Multi rig

Ready Made Combi Rigs  ( Slip D )- Darrell Peck Style - Multi rig
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Ready Made Multi - Combi Rigs (Slip D)  - Darrell Peck Style

Darrell Peck has had a truly phenomenal year, racking up a staggering 21 UK carp over 40lb! This combi rig set-up has played a huge roll in his success, and the hook to land ratio is exceptional. The loop of supple braid enables the hook to be changed in seconds without the need to tie another rig, and the stiff Boom section kicking everything out straight, preventing tangles on the cast. Combining a ever popular slip d style presentation with the Combi rig.

Comprising of a stiff  Memory free boom material that keeps the bait away from the weight and eliminates any tangles, around 1 inch supple section (Korda Arma Kord ). The knot connecting the boom material to the supple section is protected by shrink tubing, this gives the knot some protection and helps to keep everything inline. ArmaKord is used because it is supple enough to show the slightest of bites, but stiff enough to prevent the hook section from folding back on it self. The rig is either terminated in a loop or a size 8 rolling swivel crimped for total confidence and strength.

The Slip D Combi Rig is a rig that carp find very difficult to deal with because of the combination of the stiff boom and supple hook section, as soon as a carp sucks up your bait and hook, the hook is already pointing down to prick the lip, when the carp blows the bait out the Slip D section allows separation from the shank of the hook which helps the hook to prick the inside of the lip.... The result is a devastating take and hopefully a new PB on the bank!

This rig can be used with all bait types with confidence.
This version uses a silicone kicker (compared to shrink tube) This allows a quick change of hook should you need to. Without a silicon or shrink tube kicker the rig will not work in the same way and may actually cause aborted takes or hook pulls as the hook wont be in the right position. 

Unique features of this rig:
  • Excellent reset properties in the event of an aborted take
  • The boom can be straightened without the need of steam
  • Anti tangle
  • Can be fished at all ranges from under the rod tip to long distance, you can be confident the rig is presented well due to the anti tangle nature of the materials used.
  • Suitable for all bait types (Bottom Baits, Wafters, fake baits but particularly effective with Pop Ups)
  • Quick change of hooks

Tips for optimal usage:

If you are using a balanced bait or wafter, test the rig prior to casting out to ensure the buoyancy of the bait dont lift the hook section, if it does then trim down your bait until you get the perfect balance.
If you are using a Pop Up, you may need to add some rig putty around the Albright knot to ensure the boom lays flat and the hook section sits up.
should the boom become kinked during a fight you can simply straighten it again without the need of steam, simply use a rig puller and pull it straight.

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Ready Made Combi Rigs ( Slip D )- Darrell Peck Style - Multi rig
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