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Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs

Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs
Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs
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Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs
Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs

Ready Made Fluorocarbon  D Rigs

The IQ D-rig is a fabulous rig to use for wary carp, thanks to its inherent stiffness and the superb anti-eject properties that the bait attachment sliding on the large D arrangement gives. Tied using 100% Fluorocarbon (either Korda IQ2 or Seaguer). Tied using a super sharp Curve shank hook there is no need for a kicker or shrink tubing. The stiff fluorocarbon will keep the rig away from your lead whilst still giving the best presentation for pop ups or wafters. These rigs are terminated in a loop so you can use them helicopter style or using a quick clip. Use some rig putty to add a counterweight to your pop up.

By using fluorocarbon this turns invisible in water which makes it a go to rig in winter as waters tend to clear up. This is the same rig that Danny Fairbrass uses with wafter baits (so the hook sits on the bottom and the wafter hovers just above it).

Unique features of this rig:

  • Choice of hooklink material
  • Anti eject
  • Self resetting
  • Choice of bait attachments

Tips for optimal usage:

This rig works really well with wafter hook baits, simply test the rig prior to fishing and if the wafter lifts the hook up, trim the wafter with some scissors until you get the perfect presentation. 
Although a kicker or aligner is not really required you can add an aligner and it will increase the aggressive reaction to any bite.

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Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon D Rigs
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