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Ready Made Blowback Rigs

Ready Made Blowback Rigs
Ready Made Blowback Rigs
Ready Made Blowback Rigs
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Ready Made Blowback Rigs
Ready Made Blowback Rigs
Ready Made Blowback Rigs

 Ready Made Blowback Rigs

Designed to outwit riggy carp, the blowback rig is one of Danny Fairbrass' favourite presentations. Not only will this rig hook the cleverest of carp, it can also be used with both bottom baits and pop-ups. The main advantage is the fact that the hair rarely tangles and if the rig is ejected it can reset itself, due to the sliding rig ring that runs along the hook's shank ( a silicone tube is available as a option to trap the hair against the shank). The sliding rig ring also enhances the anti eject properties of the rig, it allows a carp to blow the bait out but the hook remains in the mouth ready to prick the bottom lip. 
This rig is a long standing staple in many anglers rig box due to how versatile it is. Suitable for all bait types this rig works all year around. 

We add a shrink tube kicker over the eye of the hook to enhance the hooks ability to flip and to also protect the braid from being weakened by abrasion.

Unique features of this rig:

  • Anti tangle
  • Available in a range of hook patterns
  • Self resetting
  • Choice of braid

Tips for optimal usage:

This rig is ready to go for bottom baits however if you are using a balanced bait or pop up you may need to counter balance the bait by using either some rig putty or a split shot on the braid. 
If you like to fish snowman style (bottom bait and a pop up) Please select the longer hair option.
If you are using a uncoated braid, a small pva mesh bag hooked on the hook will help to eliminate any possibility of tangles and will provide a nice tasty morsel of attractive free offerings.

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Ready Made Blowback Rigs
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