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IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs

IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs
IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs
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IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs
IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs

Ready Made IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs

A classic German rig using a soft Fluorocarbon. By using fluorocarbon this  will turn nearly invisible in the water. The stiffness will enable the bait to kick away from your lead and reset itself should you get an aborted take. Because of the Fluorocarbon stiffness this makes the rig very hard for the Carp to eject and by nature anti tangle. A anti tangle sleeve is provided with each rig to ensure the rig sets perfectly every time.

This rig is also available in a Camo Green colour hook link which blends in perfectly on the bottom or Camo Fleck which breaks up un-natural lines in the water.

This rig should be used with a wafter bait or a bottom bait.

Unique features of this rig:

  • Aggressive hook reaction
  • Choice of bait attachments
  • Self resetting in the event of an aborted take
  • Anti tangle

Tips for optimal usage:

Critically balanced baits should be tested prior to casting out, you want to ensure the hook is laying flat on the bottom, if the bait lifts it up simply trim the bait down until you get the desired presentation.
Although not required we offer this rig with a option of aligners, by adding a aligner you increase the aggressive reaction to a bite.

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IQ Fluorocarbon German Rigs
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