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Premium Slip D Rigs

Premium Slip D  Rigs
Premium Slip D  Rigs
Premium Slip D  Rigs
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Premium Slip D  Rigs
Premium Slip D  Rigs
Premium Slip D  Rigs

Premium Slip D Rigs

Made using a choice of braid , this rig has accounted for many big fish all year around. The slip D presentation allows the vital separation between the hook and bait and utilises the suck and blow feeding habits of Carp, as the suck the bait and hook enter the mouth, when they blow the bait back out the hook remains inside the lip in the prime position to take hold. 
This rig is very versatile and can be used with all types of bait. If you are fishing at a distance, you might prefer using a coated braid to help eliminate any chance of tangles.

Unique features of this rig:
  • Perfect presentation of baits
  • Anti tangle
  • Anti eject
  • Choice of PREMIUM hooks (Korda Kamakura, Nash Pinpoint, Cygnet etc.)
  • Choice of braids

Tips for optimal usage:

If you are using a buoyant bait then test the rig to ensure you get the perfect presentation.
With a coated braid you can slide the coating back to create a hinge to increase the anti eject properties of the rig, adding a bit of rig putty where the coating ends will enhance it even further.
The wide range of colours available for the kickers means you can either try to conceal the rig with your  bait if you favour the stealthy approach or you can use a bright colour to make the Carp curious, this will often bring about a quick bite.

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Premium Slip D Rigs
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