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Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs

Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
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Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs

Ready Tied tom dove style spinner rigs

You will see that Tom Dove (along with Neil Spooner, Danny Fairbrass etc)  almost exclusively uses this style of rig in the Korda films, both at short range and extreme long range fishing. He's able to use the same rig because the stiff boom is anti-tangle so you can be assured that your rig is sitting correctly on the bottom. I offer this rig with a choice of boom so you can blend the rig in to the bottom. 
I also offer this rig with a range of shrink tube kicker colours, you can either try to blend everything in and conceal your hook etc or you can do what Korda do and that's use a bright kicker and play on a Carps naturally inquisitive nature where in the films you can see the fish actually go and investigate the rig and hopefully find your bait.
Unlike a Ronnie or Turbo German rig where you would normally use a Curve Shank hook, Tom favours a Krank hook because the off-set point and aggressive curve of the shank results in a even better hook up ratio and outstanding hook holds. After many years of using this rig this is what he found works best and has far less dropped fish compared to a curve shank hook. 

Its all these little tweaks that adds those couple of extra percentage of chances in your favour.
This rig is very similar to the Ronnie Rig or the Turbo German rig, with the exception of the large ring is removed on the swivel, this gives a slightly different reaction to the rig. Tom Dove also only puts a small bit of shrink tube over the eye of the hook, leaving the barrel of the specialist swivel exposed so it gives more movement and reaction to a bite. 

This particular style of rig can be used with practically all bait types from wafters to pop ups to tiger nuts critically balanced using some cork. 

The spinner rig can be used very effectively on the helicopter style set up, simply adjust your bead accordingly. 
If you are new to the Spinner rig then our pre tied Spinner rigs mean you can start fishing quickly and confidently.

To get the best out of this rig you should test it in the margin prior to casting out to ensure the presentation is perfect, for a wafter you want your hook laying flat, if you find your bait lifts the hook up simply trim your bait with some scissors until you get it so the hook is flat but the bait is hovering just about the hook helping to mask it from view. If you are using a pop up then you want the hook to sit upright. You might need to add some putty around the crimp nearest to the hook to help counter balance the buoyancy of your hook bait.

Tom Dove Style Spinner Rigs
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