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Ronnie - Spinner D Rigs

Ronnie - Spinner D Rigs
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Ronnie - Spinner D Rigs

Taking the successful Ronnie or Spinner rig and combining it with the D rig, a small change in the mechanics can make all the difference to your hook up ratio, this is a favoured method by Korda's Danny Fairbrass. He was convinced he suffered more hook pulls because the bait was mounted to the shank of the hook, by adding a stiff D section you create some separation between the hook and the bait so the bait is able to slide out of the way and to give you a better hook hold.

The Ronnie or Spinner rig comes in to its own in autumn when there is leaves and "chod" on the bottom, a pop up bait is presented just above the debris, enticing for any passing Carp!

The stiff boom makes this rig anti tangle and self resetting in the event of an aborted take. 

This rig is designed for use with pop ups however there is no reason why you couldn't use a wafter with it. 

To get the best out of this rig you should test the rig in the margin to ensure the boom lays flat and the hook sits upright with your pop up. It may be necessary you will need to either add some putty around the crimp or whittle your pop up down to get the best presentation (different brands and sizes of pop ups require different amounts of weight to counteract the buoyancy. If you are using a wafter you want the hook and boom to lay flat and the wafter hovering just above the hook. If the wafter lifts the hook then whittle it down with some scissors.

This rig is crimped /  Krimped for strength and neatness using the correct sized crimps for each boom material.

Available in a wide range of options 

As with all my rigs, they are hand made to your specification and then examined for any defects, hook sharpness and crimp strength, anything that is not 100% perfect will not be sent.

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Ronnie - Spinner D Rigs
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