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Pop Up Reverse Combi Rigs - Adam Penning Style

Pop Up Reverse Combi Rigs - Adam Penning Style
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Ready Tied pop up reverse combi rigs - adam penning style

Adam Penning's version of the multi rig, to be used with Pop up boilies or Wafters. 
This rig is made with a coated braid for the boom section, and a fluorocarbon section on to your hook in a slip D Mutli Rig style arrangement. By doing this the rig will allow you to fish any bait either on the bottom or very close to the bottom if you are using pop ups. The stiffer end section is by its nature anti eject and creates a hinge to exaggerate the anti eject properties of the rig. Made using the chod style hook this positions the hook in the perfect position to grip just inside the bottom lip.

Here's what Adam Penning has to say on the rig "As with all rigs you are looking to  achieve an accessible, concealed  and tangle-free presentation.  In this scenario I’ll always opt for a  MK Multi-Rig presentation, fished  with a pop-up. The pop-up section  is kept to a minimal length, as  near to the lakebed as possible.  The stiff coated boom section  eliminates tangles and is adjusted  in length depending on the depth  of the silt for perfect rig lay.  Another benefit of the MK2  Multi-Rig is that the hook can be  easily changed if needed, without  having to retie the entire rig"

Unique features of this rig:
  • Anti tangle
  • Anti eject
  • Invisible hook section in the water
  • Quick Change of Hooks
  • Low Lying presentation of pop ups

Tips for optimal usage:
Test the rig prior to casting out to ensure you obtain the best presentation, it may be required to either trim your pop up down so only the stiff section is lifted off the bottom or some rig putty may be added around the shrink tube to obtain the correct presentation. 

Pop Up Reverse Combi Rigs - Adam Penning Style
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