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Premium Withy Pool Rigs

Premium Withy Pool Rigs
Premium Withy Pool Rigs
Premium Withy Pool Rigs
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Premium Withy Pool Rigs
Premium Withy Pool Rigs
Premium Withy Pool Rigs

premium Ready Tied withy pool rigs

A very effective rig ideally suited for when you are using very buoyant pop ups (some people use this rig with bottom baits but I wouldn't recommend that, there is better rigs available for bottom baits)

Korda's Elliott Gray recently wrote the following in Carpology

"I will use this with 10mm pop-ups, either over maggots or as a single hookbait. The reason I use it in winter is that it’s such an aggressive hooker. By anchoring the small but super buoyant pop-up with a shot and some putty you create a rig that spins. The shot holds it in place and allows the hook section to twist quickly as the carp’s lips touch the tubing. This will benefit you in winter when the fish are feeding slowly and without aggression. It doesn’t matter which direction the carp approach the rig from, it will turn under the smallest amount of pressure."

This rig comes in in a range of length options, the shorter lengths are ideal  for when using a pva bag or around 7 inches when fishing over a spread of bait. The rig is measured from the loop or swivel to the start of the aligner.

Unique features of this rig:

  • Specialised Withy Pool aligner
  • Uninhibited 360 degree rotation of the hook
  • Low lying pop up presentation
  • Choice of PREMIUM Hooks
Premium Withy Pool Rigs
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