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Stiff Hinge Rigs

Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs
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Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs
Stiff Hinge Rigs

Ready made hinged stiff rigs

The ready Made Stiff Hinge Rig is a variation of the Chod Rig, instead of having a Chod rig on a leader or a naked chod set up, this rig incorporates a ultra stiff boom (Korda Boom, Gardner Trick Link etc) This ensures the rig is pushed away from the lead and allows you to use this rig on the lead clip or helicopter style of set up. Darrell Peck used this rig to great effect in the Masterclass series.

Made using Chod hooks, the out turned eye gives the maximum movement for the hook to flip and catch hold just inside the mouth, These come in 1, 2 or 3 inches long lengths (measured from the eye of the swivel to the eye of the hook) The hook section is a special filament which is high memory to allow you to get that perfect curve on the rig (they are steamed before we dispatch them however further steaming may be required upon receipt) This is then crimped to the stiff boom.
These rigs are designed to be used with a pop up. You should test the rig in the margin to check to make sure your rig is sitting at the optimum position to snare that Carp, the boom should be laying flat and the hook section should be lifted off the bottom. You may need to add some rig putty around the crimp to counter balance the buoyancy of you pop up

These rigs will self reset if you have a aborted take. The stiff boom and hook section will prevent any tangles during the cast

A really good rig to use in Autumn and Winter

Stiff Hinge Rigs
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