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Premium Wafter Rigs - Adam Penning Style

Premium Wafter Rigs - Adam Penning Style
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Premium Wafter Rigs  - Adam Penning Style

Another variation of the Wafter rig is the one Adam Penning uses. He favours using a heavy coated braid like Korda Dark Matter etc and then creates what is essentially a hair rig but with a short hair and a small section of silicone tube on the hook to dictate where the hair exits the hook (directly opposite the point) he also adds a small section of shrink tube around the eye of the hook at a slight angle, this helps the hook to grip just inside the mouth. The hinge that is created with the coated braid also helps reduce the chance of a Carp ejecting the bait and the hook. 

Unique features of this rig:

  • Self resetting
  • Adjustable hair
  • Choice of PREMIUM hooks (Kamakura, Nash, Fox etc)

Tips for optimum usage:

If you need to counterbalance the buoyancy of your hook bait you can add a small split shot under your wafter until you obtain the perfect presentation where the hook lays flay and the bait sits just above the hook.

If you want to further increase the mechanics of this rig you can add a small bit of rig putty where the coating of the braid ends, this will exaggerate the hinge effect.

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Premium Wafter Rigs - Adam Penning Style
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