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Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag Rigs

Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag  Rigs
Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag  Rigs
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Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag  Rigs
Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag  Rigs

Ready Made Premium Solid PVA Bag Rigs

The Ready Made solid PVA bag carp rig is a short rig made with a supple braid. The rig is put inside your pva solid bag along with your weight and free offerings such as pellet or boilie crumb. This gives you a precision rig placement right on top of your loose feed. This guarantees you the optimum attraction to any passing fish.
The rig is made short normally 2 to 4 inches long with a supple braided hooklink this ensures your rig is laying flat and the braid is concealed from view. The rig being short also creates an instant bolt effect - where the rig becomes tight to the lead, the hook will flip and hold inside the bottom lip or the scissors. This is particularly effective in Autumn and winter when the fish have been pressurised all summer and they become wise to rigs. As the water cools the fish will also become more lethargic and not move too much so the short rig means only the smallest movement is required for the bolt effect to happen, this results in some savage bites. 

The pva bag rig can be used with all bait types 

The ready made solid pva bag rig is very versatile and can also be used with a method feeder if you wish.

Unique features of the PVA solid bag rig

  • Can be used all year round
  • Anti tangle
  • Self resetting
  • Choice of PREMIUM Hooks ( Kamakura, Nash, Fox etc)

Tips for Optimal usage:

Ensure the rig is balanced correctly before fishing, if you are using a wafter test the rig to ensure the hook lays flat, if it lifts up trim the wafter down until the hook lays flat on the bottom. If you are using a pop up you can either add a bit of rig putty just before the hook to counteract the buoyancy of the bait.

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Premium Ready Made PVA Solid Bag Rigs
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