What is a Solid PVA Bag Rig

A Solid PVA Bag rig is a short rig normally 2 to 4 inches in length. it is made short for 2 benefits, the short length means it can be placed inside the solid bag along with your free offerings and your weight, this gives you a nice aerodynamic weight to cast out and knowing all your free offerings are around you hook bait. The short length also means it only takes a minimal movement from the fish for the hook length to become tight against the weight which causes the bolt effect and gives a better hook hold. Solid bag rigs should be made of a supple braid so it follows the bottom, out the way of any passing fish. A solid PVA bag can come in many forms, most of which are a adaption of another rig:

Hair Rig

Slip D Rig

Ronnie or Spinner Rig

Turbo German Rig

German Rig

My personal go to Solid bag rig is the German rig, I like the fact the bait is mounted on to the shank of the hook and has a degree of anti eject properties, the carp can suck the whole bait and hook in, then when they blow the bait back out the bait can slide up the shank of the hook whilst leaving the hook in the mouth.

PVA bag rigs can also be used confidently with method feeders although I would use Korda Super Natural for these.

What makes the Solid PVA Bag rig so effective?

When its cold and the fish are more lethargic it only takes a movement of a couple of inches for the hook to become tight and prick the inside of the lip, a heavyish lead of around 2oz then does the rest of the work for you by pulling the hook in further giving a better hold. When Carp are not feeding so aggressively its very easy to over bait a swim or spot, a pva bag approach means you are putting out just enough free offerings for a bite. You are not baiting up a whole area just a tiny patch. PVA bags also allow you to add some liquid attractants to your bait (Check to make sure they are pva friendly first).

How to use the Solid Bag Rig:

There is many ways you can use a PVA bag Rig and there is no right or wrong way to load the bag. This is my way of doing it. 

Take a PVA Bag, add about 2cm (3/4 inch) of pellet or boilie crumb in the bottom, then I take my baited hook and place this on top of the bait you have just put in. Next I pierce the side of the bag with the hook point, this holds the hook in place. Now I add more pellet or crumb until the bag is just under half filled. I then take the inline lead, and put this inside the bag as well, I hold the lead so its against the side of the bag, the opposite side to the hook (The reason for this will become apparent). Then I fill the rest of the bag until its just over 3/4 full. I then twist the bag around your PVA bag stem or Tail rubber, this is to compact the contents of the bag, if you tap the bag in your palm it will also help to compact the bait even more. Once the bag is nice and compact, I lick along the top of the bag, this will make the top of the bag sticky so when you twist the bag around your stem the bag will stick to itself. Next step I turn the bag upside down and then gently pull on the corners of the bag and squeeze them flat, a little lick on one side of these corners means you can fold them flat against the bottom of your bag making it more aerodynamic.

Thats your PVA Bag done, the weight being on one side of the bag and your hook the other means when the bag falls to the bottom the weight will be at the bottom covered by your free offerings and your hookbait will be on top in full view. I like to use a wafter when I am using this method.

If you want to add more attractants around your hook bait, take your Goo or similar and push the end of the bottle through the side of the bag and squirt some inside the bag, providing its pva friendly it wont melt the bag. 

Can a Solid Bag rig be customised to your own requirements?

Of course, all my rigs can be customised. I already offer lots of different options however if there is something you want that I dont list, just drop me a message and I will get back to you.

The standard options I have available are:

Choice of length 

Choice of Supple braid for Solid Bags : Korda Super Natural, Korda Dark Matter, Korda Arma Kord, Fox Reflex Camo, A dark Camo braid (semi stiff)

Choice of Hook Patterns : Claw, Crank, Wide Gape, Long Shank and of course the classic Curve shank.

Choice of Bait Attachments: Matt black Rig ring, Matt Black Micro Flexi Swivel, Matt Black Metal Bait Screw, Hair

Choice of Kicker Colours : White (Maggot) Sweetcorn Yellow, Muddy Brown, Silty Black, Weed Green, Red/ Pink, Orange

Optional PVA Bag Stems

In addition of these standard options, I also have options for premium hooks:

Korda Kamakura

Nash Pinpoint

One More Cast (OMC)

ESP Trig Hammer

Gardner Covert Muggas

Cygnet (Trakker)