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Claw - Parrot - Flipper Rigs

Claw - Parrot - Flipper  Rigs
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Ready made claw - flipper- parrot rigs

The bottom bait rig is known by a few names, the Terry Hearn Parrot rig, The Flipper,  the claw rig as a couple of examples.

The hair is trapped on the curve of the hook rather than the shank (like a Blowback rig) this improves the mechanics of the rig because as soon as the Carp sucks the bait in the hook is already primed to enter the bottom lip, should the Carp try to eject the bait this just pushes the hook point in slightly further. I offer this rig with a choice of either Wide Gape hooks, curve shank or Nash claw style. This is truly a rig that looks like it shouldn't work but the mechanics makes it very effective.

Tied with your choice of braid.

This rig has been around a number of years now and still finds its way in to many anglers rig wallets.

This rig should only be used with a bottom baits

Unique features of this rig:
  • Anti eject
  • Self resetting
  • Anti tangle
  • Choice of braid

Optimal usage for this rig:
A small pva mesh bag hooked on to the hook will prevent tangles when using a uncoated braid whilst offering a tasty parcel of attractive free offerings around your hook bait.

Claw - Parrot - Flipper Rigs
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