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Premium Noodle Rigs

Premium Noodle Rigs
Premium Noodle Rigs
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Premium Noodle Rigs
Premium Noodle Rigs

Premium Noodle Rigs

With this rig, Its all about the Kicker that makes it different. Scott Lloyd uses it in conjunction with a balanced bait; a Wafter is ideal however a snowman presentation is also very effective. You want the bait nice and light, so that it can react in the same way as the freebies. It has taken Scott Lloyd many years of tweaking and refining this rig and this is the end product. A rig he feels is the hardest for the fish to deal with, a long curved kicker combined with a blowback style makes this rig nearly impossible for the carp to eject, the hook holds with this rig are nearly always bang on!. All you need to do is add some putty just before the kicker to help balance the rig.

Unique features of this rig:

  • Extended kicker to get the best hook holds
  • PREMIUM hooks
  • Combines the anti eject properties of the blow back rig
  • Self resetting

Tips for optimal usage:

This rig works perfect without any tweaking however, if you wish to enhance the anti eject properties of this rig simply slide back the coating of the braid and add a large bit of rig putty where the coating ends. This will create a hinge and really give the Carp another problem to deal with.

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Premium Noodle Rigs
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