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Classic Hair Rigs

Ready Tied Hair rigs

The original and most versatile Ready made carp rig. This rig can be used with any type of bait with confidence. A coated braid will give you confidence that your rig is not tangled when fishing at a long range. 

Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Ready Made Hair Rigs
Ready made hair rigsThe hair rig is one of the first inventions for Carp Rigs and has caught countless Carp all over the world. All these years on the Hair rig and blowback rigs are still "staple" rigs in a lot of anglers rig boxes due to how versatile the rigs are, they can be used with all manner ..
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The Lock Slip D Rigs The Lock Slip D Rigs
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: Lock Slip D Rigs
Ready made slip d rigs with omc the lock hooks and components The Slip D  rig is made with a  coated braid hook length, The coated braid has 2 main benefits, the coating adds some degree of stiffness to prevent tangles on the cast, and where it is stripped off by the hook this creates..
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Brand: Ricks Rigz Model: 25 hair rigs and rig box
25 Ready Tied Hair rigs and rig box comboThe perfect way to receive a loaded rig box delivered right to your door! The rigs inside are perfect for the season on UK day tickets / Syndicates or those French Carp trips.The hair rig is one of the first inventions for Carp Rigs and has caught countless C..
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