Whats new at Ricks Rigz

Just a quick post to let everyone know whats new at Ricks Rigz. We aim to provide the very best range of ready tied carp rigs available. To do this we only use the best components, industry leading brands of braid to ensure all our rigs are reliable and effective. We have the biggest range of carp rigs available and to ensure we continue to provide this service we have increased our range even further!

Size 2 Hooks

Following customers requests we have added size 2 hooks to some of our range. Most size 2 hooks are only available in Micro Barbed however, there is a few barbless options too! Our range includes Korda hooks, Nash, One More Cast Lock Hooks etc. You can view our range of size 2 carp rigs here. Size 2 hooks are quite popular for anglers heading overseas for the bigger fish. Our range includes some of the extra strong hooks ( Korda Wide Gape x, Korda Krank xx for example) for when you want that extra strength and reliability.

This month saw quite a few new braids come on to the market, most are just brands own variations of other successful braids however, Korda have released a new Slip D Braid which has been in testing for quite a while, its the braid Darrell Peck uses in his multi combi rig. The braid is designed to be used with slip d combi rigs. Its a dark Camo colour and 25lb breaking strain. This braid has been designed to be used with the Albright knot and offers just enough friction to stop the slip d sliding up to the eye of the hook.